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    Property Level Mitigation

    Alliance Flood Solutions Limited are an established contractor who work directly for a number of Water Companies as well as private clients, carrying out Flood Mitigation Works.

    Alliance Flood Solutions Limited covering all of the UK for our head office in Nottinghamshire and our regional office in Carlisle.

    cover a geographic area that covers most of the UK for our head office in Nottinghamshire and our Regional office in Carlisle.

    The scope of work varies depending on the individual property and for each property we carry out the initial survey and advise the correct mitigation to the specific area that has suffered flooding, from either surface water run off or sewer under-capacity. We ensure that any solution does not pass on any flooding to any adjacent property, so it is critical that we come up with a robust solution.

    These works can involve:

    • installation of non-return valves (NRVs) and non return gullies (NRGs)
    • installation of pumped NRVs, including electrical works
    • new manhole and pipeline construction, including pipeline diversions and sealed manhole covers
    • re-profiling driveways & gardens to divert water away from the properties and into attenuation tanks or lower lying areas
    • installation of timber flood gates including new wall construction
    • installation of flood-fencing
    • new sump/pump systems
    • new pump stations and drainage systems taken off the original surcharged mains and then on a pump return system at another location to prevent flooding these works are carried out both on private land and the public highway

    Alliance Flood Solutions Limited have extensive experience of carrying out works that are carried out on both private land and the public highway. To ensure the satisfactory completion of the work we have to keep both our clients and the residents fully informed of the works at all stages. Furthermore, our workforce have to deal with the residents in a caring and sensitive manner on a day to day basis, while ensuring the works are carried out to a high quality and in an efficient manner.

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