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  • Vehicle Wash


    Alliance Contracting Solutions Ltd were commissioned by it’s client to carry out the Feasibility design and construction of a vehicle wash facility and surface water drainage at a fuel transfer facility. The  location is used for vehicle recovery, maintenance and testing and includes facilities for vehicle washing and weighbridge facilities, together with refuelling of vehicles from vehicle mounted fuel tanks.

    The primary driver for this project was the non-compliance of the existing facilities with current environmental guidelines, and unsuitability of the facilities for the current and planned future use.  Therefore the facilities were upgraded to accommodate the future usage and also ensure compliance with current Environmental guidelines. In addition the project was to consider improvements to the surface water drainage system to eliminate surface water flooding of the car park adjacent to the main office building.

    The existing maintenance buildings were retained, as were the existing weighbridge and entry/egress gates. The rest of the facility including adjacent land, previously un-used, has been utilised to provide improved vehicle washing including supply and installation of bespoke vehicle washing facilities and a vehicle refueling area. The layout of the original area was modified to provide increased and more effective use of space for vehicle, access, maneuvering and parking.

    The project was designed and built to provide the required outputs, namely:

    • A vehicle refueling area with drainage systems including Oil Water Interceptors, compliant with PPG-3, JSP317 and other relevant guidelines and specifications for fuel transfer areas. In addition to the minimum alarm requirements specified in PPG-3 any interceptors were equipped with Compliant Telemetry systems linked to the central telemetry system.
    • A vehicle washing area, including new vehicle washing plant and equipment in accordance with the relevant sections of the Design Manual Guide and the Environment Agency’s PPG-3 and PPG-13.
    • A facility compatible with the weights, sizes and maneuvering characteristics of the vehicles currently used in the area. The layout and space of the upgraded facility has been designed and constructed to facilitate convenient and safe access, egress and maneuvering of the current and proposed future vehicles. During both normal vehicle movements and during the recovery of vehicles.
    • Roadways, footways and hard standing etc. with appropriate drainage systems to facilitate safe and convenient pedestrian and vehicle access to the car parks, refueling area, vehicle wash, weighbridge and retained buildings.
    • The existing package Sewerage Treatment Works and associated alarm system were refurbished to ensure that foul sewage is properly treated before discharge to the adjacent watercourses.