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    Flood Protection Surveys

    Flood Surveys

    Alliance Flood Solutions Limited are a fully independent company, and therefore we use our experience, product knowledge and expertise to offer the best mitigation to flooding problems using products available throughout Europe. Where there are options available these would be put forward for discussion and approval in advance of a final decision on what is to be installed.

    We pride ourselves on our open approach with all of our Clients and Customers and we make all efforts to ensure that we work as an Alliance with our clients to deliver the correct Flooding Solution for the scheme in hand.

    Furthermore, our workforce are used to assisting residents in a caring and sensitive manner on a day to day basis, while ensuring the works are carried out to a high quality and in an efficient manner.

    The key to providing the best mitigation solution rests upon determination of the root cause of the flooding, whether it be hydraulic inadequacy of the drainage network, hydraulic inadequacy of the surface water network, or even a combination of the two, and how this ultimately floods the property.

    Alliance Flood Solutions Limited have been delivering Survey, Design and Installation services to alleviate or even eliminate the impact of flooding upon private, public and commercial properties for many years.

    Our Surveyors carry out flood mitigation surveys to ensure that the level of protection is appropriate and that it is in line with the client’s wishes.

    The Surveyors have relevant Civil engineering, Waste water and Highways qualifications together with over 15 years’ experience in surveying designing and installing Flood Mitigation Schemes.

    Our clients range from individual, single property owners to major Water Companies throughout the UK; all are equally important.

    Alliance has a substantial range of products and expertise at our disposal. We have developed the Alliance Flood-Resistant Door and the Alliance Flood Gate range over many years and we continue to innovate and deliver first class ideas and solutions. With great emphasis on excellent customer service, due to the very sensitive nature of flooding and its impact upon our customers, we independently source the best flood defence products, concentrating on identifying and utilising the best on the market for each particular application.

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