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    flood barriers and gates

    Flood Barriers & Gates

    Flood-resistant timber gates are manufactured to prevent surface water run off entering the boundary of the property. These gates are produced in hard wood, which has been developed over time to ensure a minimal amount of movement due to the elements.

    The gates are mounted on timber posts with a seal that runs around the gates to prevent water passing the gates so they are totally sealed on all three sides. These gates have been successfully tested over the years to withstand water up to a depth of 900mm.

    The development of the gates has been improved over time with changes as we have found new technology or products such as:

    • changed the type of timber used for gates
    • changed the type of timber used for posts
    • changed the type of seals used
    • changed the design
    • introduced a choice of gate styles
    • introduced a choice of colours and surface coatings
    • Use of adjustable hinges
    • Use of vertical and horizontal bolts

    Flood-resistant doors are manufactured in conjunction with two local Companies in UPVC, Composite or Timber. As with the Flood gates Alliance developed the flood doors to prevent internal flooding to properties. The doors have to withstand 900mm of water and only pass a small amount of water over a set time to meet current guidelines. We have developed these as part of a large programme of works with two water Authorities whilst acting as designers, suppliers and installers

    The development of the doors have been improved over time, with changes as we have found new technology or products such as:

    • additional hinges
    • fitted multiple locking points,including the door threshold
    • installing one-way weep holes
    • choice of PVCu, Composite and Timber doors


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