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  • Clean Water Repairs & Maintenance

    Clean Water Repairs & Maintenance

    Clean Water Repairs & Maintenance

    Alliance Contracting Solutions Limited carry out  Clean Water Repairs and Maintenance for above and below ground Assetts, including Fire Fighting mains for a number of high level clients on the West of the UK

    We are currently employed on a 3 year contract with a possible further extension with our cleints which incorporates repair and maintenance clean and dirty water assets on a 24 / 7 basis. The works are classified on a Priority basis from Priority 0 – response time within 2 hours to a priority 7 for planned works within 3 months.

    Work elements including:

    • Water Main and service leak repairs
    • Laying of New Mains and Services together with new connections and Disconnections
    • Stop tap, Boundary Box repairs and replacement,
    • Repairs and renewal of associated covers, frames and marker posts.
    • Meter and PRV maintenance and installation,
    • Crown fire standard fire main repairs and new asset provision

    Additional to the clean water works the contract also covers construction of sewers, manholes, connections,  wastewater treatment works, pumping stations, oil and petrol interceptors,  – extensive reinforced concrete and concrete repairs) and consulting (GPS/GPR/CCTV analysis, asset surveys hydraulic modelling, feasibility, design of drainage, sewerage, highways, minor structures/buildings etc. incorporating reinforced concrete ancillaries).


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